“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps”. Proverbs 16:9

To this day, the church plant in La Puente is an amazing work of God. As the Lord had placed it upon my heart to plant a Calvary Chapel, I had no idea when and where. I even asked Him to give me a dream about the church plant, and amazingly He did but never disclosed its location or the timing of it. About a month after the dream, the Lord sent me to a food bank in Hacienda Heights. As I served the people at the food bank, He used me to share the Gospel, and to point them to Him. In doing so, people began to give their hearts to the Lord and now needed to be discipled in His Word. Since many of them lived in La Puente, some began to ask if I would go to their homes and teach them His Word. So on Tuesday nights I was traveling from house to house teaching the Word of God. With more asking for the same, it was becoming clearer that the Lord was leading me to the City of La Puente. So it was time to find a location in La Puente and to begin a Bible study where they can come and learn His Word. After many closed doors and a short time of discouragement, the Lord finally opened the door for a Friday night Bible study at a local church in La Puente, free of any rent charges; He is awesome. Amazingly, this Bible study began to grow where we soon had worship, children’s ministry and people calling this Bible study their church. With His amazing work moving as it was, He spoke through His Word that it was time to begin the Calvary Chapel plant in La Puente. Praise the Lord!